One of our most important company assets is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair dealing. As you know, reputation is a very fragile asset that can easily be destroyed by the actions or failures of one or more of us. Because of unprecedented scrutiny on corporate behavior, we need to emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to these Standards. Himalaya’s Standards of Business Conduct are your guide to your ethical and legal responsibilities with respect to your status an employee, as well as your dealings with our customers, competitors, and suppliers.

“We provide a personal and professional service tailored specifically for the client’s needs, and have a creative, sophisticated and unconventional approach to any challenge we are faced with. We are often referred to as ‘trouble shooters’ and specialize in achieving amicable settlements in complex and delicate cases without the need for court proceedings and litigation, as we are well aware of the costs implications of any litigation, and with our experience strongly believe that ‘a bad settlement can sometimes be better than a good litigation’. However, if necessary, we are fighters all the way.”

Dhruba thapa
Mr. Dhurba Thapa